• plastic pollution




-Humans have been putting [[rachel ulrich#|[[rachel ulrich#|garbage]]]] into the ocean untill the 1940s, which isnt fair to the animals at all. It isn't just the oceans, earth itself is awful with pollution. Everywhere you go there is garbage laying on the roads, fields, everything. Every piece of plastic ever made is still on the earth somewhere, and most of the plastic went into the oceans. Pollution is the main reason 40 percent of the rivers, and lakes are not clean enough to go fishing or [[rachel ulrich#|swimming]]. Less than one percent of the world’s oceans are protected.

-plastic stays around for a while too:
    • Foamed [[rachel ulrich#|plastic cups]]: 50 years
    • Plastic holder: 400 years
    • [[rachel ulrich#|Disposable diapers]]: 450 year
    • [[rachel ulrich#|Plastic bottle]]: 450
    • Fishing line: 600 year

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what is the enviromental issue?
-the enviromnetal issue is that the plastic never goes away, it stays on earth forever.
-its getting into oceans and killing animals,

where is the environmental occurring?
-there is pollution In every lake, river, and ocean.
-only one ocean is clean without any plastic pollution.

external image plastic_ocean_trash.jpg

what are current or possible solutions to the environmental issue?
-buy products with as much less plastic on it as you can
-dont throw plastic, or any kind of [[rachel ulrich#|packaging]] out the window
-try to get people to stop with you

what is the future outlook for this environmental issue?
-if it doesnt stop it will make the rivers, and lakes not save to swim in.
-it will keep kill and putting aniamls under danger

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