Peter T Poull
how does pollution effect salmon in lake michigan?
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1) What is the enviormental issue?
The enviormental issue is that the majority of the pollution for the great lakes effect the wild life with its harmful pollutants.
The effect is also causeing the salmon to have serious defects or most of the time death.
These defects when the humans eat them the pollutants can now harm the humans.
2) where is the enviormental issue?
the key areas of the issues are the drainage areas and runoffs of buissness, cites, towns, etc.
These areas have such a high area of pollution that it is half of the lakes pollution sources.
These area are occuring mostly on the beaches of the great lake caused from run offs and other forms of polluting sources.
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3)what is the impact of the enviormental issue?
The impact on the pollution of the lakes is impacting the salmon by either seriously injuring them or mostly killing them.
It impacts the drinking water and the living organisms in the lake. This canlead to poor vegitation and poor water sources.
This also cause the salmon to die out and have a hard time reaching the streams in the fall because of these harmful chemicals.
this also means that the reproduction will decrease at a a steady pace.
4)What are the current or possible solutions to the enviormental issue?
There are many diferent ways to solve this problem. But, there is one that is a huge key factor in helping to stop this.
You can do this by doing your best at not polluting the great lakes. try to make your buissness cleaner and try to use
some form of recyling methods. this could greatly increase the chances of not harming the salmon.
5)What does the future outlook for this Enviormental issue?
the future outlook, if stays the same, will be very bad The salmon will no longer come in to the streames.
They will no longer reproduce and then eventioly go extinct. But, if improved the salmon will be clean and
no more harmful waste is entered the salmon will be great.