landfill/waste issues

emissions to the atmosphere

These comprise:
  • noise, dust, odor, and possibly bio-aerosols, predominantly from landfill site operation;

  • Landfill gas - from soon after opening and for possibly several hundred years thereafter.

emissions to the water

These comprise the potential emission of leach ate and contaminated surface water run-off to:
  • watercourses (ditches, streams, rivers etc)

  • Groundwater in permeable strata below the landfill.

running out of space for landfills

  • public is getting hostile about smell and space being used

  • waste in landfills are taking to long to break down

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where landfill issues occurring?

landfill issues are occurring all over the world. landfill issues are occurring on land, in the water and they are causing issues in the air to.

what is the impact of the environmental issue?

landfills are polluting the air and water the animals and humans breath. Dust gets into the air and chemicals get into the ground water and contaminate it.

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what are current and possible solutions to landfill issues?

currently recycling and reusing is a big solution to landfill issues and the government and scientists are currently looking for ways to speed up the process of breaking down everything in landfills and making it less harmful for the earth.

what will the future look like if we take action and if we dont take action on landfill issues?

if we take immediate action on the problem now the earth will be alot cleaner and the air we breath will be cleaner. if we dont take action and we ignore the landfill issues we could be looking at global warming in the future.