Cell Phones Effect on the Environment

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The environmental effects on cell phones is that in order to make a cell phone series of steps have to take place that include using natural things from earth for materials. Cell phone usually gets tossed in landfills. When cell phones are made it causes to use energy and end up creating pollution. When the cell phone is being used it is being charged and burning fossil fuels incinerator where toxic substances can get into the soil, water, and air.Cadmium which is present in a cell phone is bad enough to cause damage in the earth. It is the seventh most harmful known chemical, and is capable of causing cancer. Cell phones also contain lead which causes liver damage in adults and neurological development problems in children when it comes into the bloodstream.


Most cellphones are used in China and India, with over 747.5 million subscribers every year. Cell phones are used all over the world, even in developing countries. Cell phones are creating a large impact on the earth, especially with the radiation it gives off.

Where most phones are used in the United States.
Where most phones are used in the United States.


To prevent this from happening we need to recycle or keep out old phones. This will benefit the earth and our environment that we live in. It’s easy to do and tax deductible to just have it done. Another thing you could do is to donate you cell phones because there are people out there that can’t afford them. If we recycle one million cell phones it could provide enough power for 185 homes. Together we could make a change. Recycling phones can also reduce mining because we can reuse the metals that are in the phones that get recycled.

Future outlook

There will be a very big outlook if we don’t recycle and reuse our cell old cell phones. If we keep going on with not caring about our cell phones we could run out of supplies and metals eventually to make cell phones or any other thing. Also if we just toss them into the landfills it will damage the earth’s land and cause pollution. But if we do recycle or donate our cell phones it will be good for our environments and there will be less mining, landfills, and pollution. So let’s try to make a change because cell phones to have a big impact on harming our earth we live on.
The Life Cycle of A Cell Phone

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