air pollution


Air pollution release into the atmoshere of various gases.The effects of air pollution on climate, the environment, and human heath becouse a major research trend in atmospheric and epidemiologic science and are the focus of this special topic.The Carbon Oxides incomplete combustion of fuels such as coal, wood or other natural sources as well as exhanst from automobiles.Carbon dioxide (co2) is the green house gas widely cousidered the man air pollution in the Earth atmoshere.Nitrogen Oxides comes from vehicle emissions are a major source of nitrogen oxides and air pollution are easily reconizable by the brown plume or haze that forns over areas with high concentration of the gases.Petroleum oil and coal have coused this gas to becomes a dangerous air pollution the is eating away at Earth's fragile atmosphere.Dangerous to both plant and animals.Sulfur Oxides can injure organic matter when desposited in high concentrations and cause respiratory problems by irritating air passages and lungs.

The very first thing for everyone is to stop dumping rubbish anywhere they like. Recycling paper products like newspaper, cardboard, and other paper products could save thousands of trees of each and every year. Recycling saves energy too so that there is less pollution during the prduction process and only around onefourth of the energy needed to create the product from recyled versus new materials.

air pollution is some what diffcult to define bacouse many air pollution at low concentration are essential nutrients for the sustainable development of ecosystems so air pollution could be defined as a state of