Asian Carp

1.The Big Picture/The Problem

Asian carp are becoming a very big problem in Lake Mishigan and rivers that connect in and out of it.The reason the Asian Carp is a problem is because it has no natual predators. The carp problem has been occering since 2009. In 1970 farmers brought the carp to america to reduce alge in there ponds. Soon the carp wes being found in the Mississippi River. It is a problem because the carp is an eating machine and has no predators so it reproduces very quickly.Also the fish are known to jump out of the water when the body feels vibrations. So when a boat goes by the fish react by jumping out of the water.

external image carp_0202.jpg
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2. Location

This problem is occering in the Mississippi river and the waterways running in ant out of it.The fish are effecting 22 states in the continental US. The carp have spread from the lower potion of the missisippi river and are now invading the great lakes threw the Chicago river.If more of the asian carp invade the fish could take down other fish and organisms by eating there food supply and consumiong the space that was once there due to the up-speed rate of reproduction. Also the fish have a long life span due to the nutrents from the algle it eats.

external image Bighead-Carp-Map-300x192.png

3. Impact

The Asian carp impacts many aspects of ecology. The fish has many different problems . The fish eats so much that %it grows bigger and bigger and eats food that other benifecal spieces were eating and it creates cramped space throughout were it reproduces.Also The Fish that wont be able to thrive any longer will dyde of and become a huge economical problems in the fishing industry.The greatest impact will affect the midwest fishing bussiness .


Some soloutions could be having a fishing season just for the carp. Also a sientist in minnesota Says that he has made a oil that can atract the carp.The problem is we will rid of carp that is benifital to our lakes . Some resturants accutually
willing to sell the carp if the fisherman can catch bigger quanitys of it.

5. Outlook
The carp are in the great lakes now and theres no stoping them at least in the near future but for the far future there is hope that the carp can somehow be redused and mabye cleared out completely
If the planet ignores the problem the fish will spread and ruin the great lakes fishing buisnuss.Thus creating a fishing decrease.